What About Other Cats OR DOG?

Hopefully your dog is tolerant of cats. If not, you need to question why you are getting a cat, because it is unlikely that your dog is suddenly going to be accepting of any feline. However, if you have a dog that is friendly to cats, it will get very excited about the new addition to the family. Make sure your dog knows basic obedience and is willing to follow certain commands before you bring your cat home. You will need to have some control over your canine so that your new cat feels comfortable. If commands do not work, then be sure to use a lead for that extra help.

When you go to make the introduction, you want to be sure your new cat is still in the crate, just as you did with the cat introduction. Allow your dog to explore the room and sniff around the crate. If he gets too exuberant, call him over to get him to back off. After a couple swipes from the crate, your dog will learn quickly to back off. It does not really hurt your dog, but the smack will startle him or her.

Make the meetings short, so that they can both get used to one another. When you do an open introduction, though, you will want to keep your dog on the lead for more control. You can allow the two to sniff each other. Meanwhile, you need to remain calm. If you are not at ease with the introduction then neither the cat nor the dog will be comfortable in such a situation. Keep some dog treats with you and periodically call your dog over and feed him or her a treat. Food will inevitably break up your dog’s obsession over the new member of the family. Eventually extend the visits until your dog and cat seem to barely notice one another. After a while, they will become rather friendly.

Other Critters
Not all family members are humans, dogs, or cats. In some cases you may have birds, gerbils, hamsters, bunnies, fish, iguanas, and all kinds of other creatures around. Be very careful having your cat around smaller creatures, especially rodents. Although some cats do very well around rodents, most view them as fast moving food. Be sure that your small pet’s cage is secured (you may be amazed at how skilled your cat is at opening a cage) and that they are kept out of reach of your cat. Never underestimate your cat’s instincts, no matter how domesticated it may be.