Solve Your Pet’s Health Problems

Pets can be affected by various factors of the domestic environment such as allergens. These molecules can provoke reactions which can manifest under different forms such as atopic dermatitis most commonly known as intense itching.

Most likely, dogs and cats might inhale dust particles and pollen grains which trigger this allergic reaction. If left untreated it can lead to fur degradation and bruises on the skin, thus resulting in an uncomfortable situation.

Atopica aims to treat this reaction as well as bring relief to the pet. It is best administrated on an empty stomach and the animal should not be fed 2 hours before or after administration. Side effects, vomiting may occur but it is not a reason to be concerned.

Veterinary prescription is required when purchasing the product. Always ask for advice before deciding to administrate medication to your dog or cat.

Another illness which affects the condition of fur and skin is Hypothyroidism. This is a consequence of low thyroid hormone levels. The coat tends to change, becoming more fragile and easily detachable. When such symptoms occur, take your pet to the veterinarian. Once diagnosed, Soloxine is likely to be prescribed in order to treat the low hormone levels. In addition to fur loss, weight gaining and the tendency to be lethargic might also affect the pet.

This product will help animals suffering from hypothyroidism lead a normal life with minimum amounts of discomfort. The types of tablets produced by this brand are: yellow, orange, green, white and blue. Consult the pharmacist for further information.

The amount of exercise performed by pets tends to decrease as they approach an older age. Lethargy might occur and as a result, weight gaining is easily obtained. In order to avoid extra kilograms, pet owners have to ensure that their dog remains active even if it is no longer a puppy or an adult.

When Vivitonin is administrated, it opens airways and blood vessels thus providing increased amounts of oxygen to the brain, heart and muscles. Prescription is required when purchasing the product, as it is included in the drug category. It is a safe drug because side effects have rarely occurred as a result of administrating it to pets.