Just like any other road-going vehicle, your horsebox must be insured. We have compiled some tips, advice on information on horsebox insurance, just for you.

Horse box insurance cover can vary greatly depending on what sort of policy you choose. For this reason, you must give it some thought when choosing horsebox insurance.

Pet Dental Health Month

Did you know that February is National Pet Dental Health Month? Here are some pet dental hygiene tips....

Brush daily: While it may seem difficult to get your pet to cooperate, slowly try to incorporate a brushing routine into your pet’s life. You can start by massaging around their teeth until you can get your finger or a pet toothbrush into their mouth.

Know the symptoms: If you can spot symptoms of gum disease in your pet, you will be able to get them treated before symptoms worsen. Watch out for brown or yellow tartar build up, inflammation and persistent bad breath.


People often have the common belief that most commercial pet food is perfectly balanced, nutritious and healthy. Especially if their veterinarian sells it. However, little could be further from the truth.

Most advertising tends to show what people believe to be learned from scientists, but the information is actually just endorsing a product. Then, slogans reinforce this with clever wording: such as 'organic', 'natural', 'no added preservatives', 'perfectly balanced', 'scientifically proved', 'veterinary approved', or other fashionable but not necessarily meaningful words.


Feeding Fido or Fluffy a raw, all-natural cuisine could land you in the slammer for up to six months if you're not careful where you buy the deer, duck or other meat.

The trendy pet diet, called "prey model," in which owners try to feed their pets critters similar to what they'd hunt in the wild, has resulted in a surge in illegal sales of raw wild game online, wildlife investigators say.

People caught selling raw meat without a permit face up to five years in jail and a £5,000 fine. Those buying the illegally obtained game face up to six months in jail and a £500 fine.


Organic pet food companies such as Paw Naturaw and Newman's Own are still a small portion of the pet food industry, but sales of organic pet food have been growing, and are expected to increase faster than sales of mainstream pet food in the next several years, according to a report by Packaged Facts. Consumers and critics have had mixed reactions to the recent trend of organic pet food, with proponents arguing organic pet food is necessary for healthy pets and opponents arguing organic pet food is merely a ploy to pinch the pockets of consumers.

The Ethical Problems of Pet Food


Leading animal welfare organisation, Animal Aid, is in desperate need for good quality dry dog and cat food to be donated for the Animal Aid Coldstream shelter.

Animal Aid is calling out to all animal lovers to drop off the dog and cat tucker to any of the two shelters as food supplies are running extremely low.

With an unexpected intake increase of stray and abandoned animals, especially litters of kittens, Animal Aid is stretching their resources to cater for the demand.