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Sometimes it is not just gnawing at the Kennel, trying as hard as possible to sneak out, it is also screaming. Mind you not barking, screaming like a wounded hyena. You do not wish to have this tantrum continue at least when you want to have a tranquil night of sleep but then your beloved dog won’t let you have your peace.

It is important to understand why such a mystery character can develop in a dog and to state here first, the most notorious dog for this tantrum throwing is a juvenile guard dog. Note also it is a warranted problem; the dog is only protesting something you have not done. Understand a few misdeeds on your part.

Do not confine your dog in a very tiny kennel. Occasionally it will demand some flexing and stretching especially after you have just feed the dog and the energy levels are high. It is crucial to adhere to correct kennel measurements given by the different dog breeds developers. Search for this info regarding kennel measurements online.

Some dogs need somewhere to relieve themselves away from their kennel. If it is a trained do, it will not just respond to its call of nature in the tiny kennel you have provided, it will demand to be let out and go far for this activity. Open the door of the kennel and you will be astounded at how fast the canine returns to its kennel after the call.

A dog needs some exercise and company. If your dog is alone and confined in a tiny kennel for a long period, it would eventually turn wild demanding some freedom. Grant it some 30 minutes of freedom and let it mingle with other dogs. A trained dog will get back to the kennel unceremoniously after some minutes of rejuvenating.