Keeping Your Feline Entertained

Cats make very good pets. The thing is that they get bored very fast. When you have to go and leave your cat, you better keep them entertained.

That is if you want to find your things the way you left them. When your cat gets bored, he/she will find ways to entertain themselves; even if that means chewing out your slippers. There are a few things that you can do to make sure that your furry little friend doesn’t get bored.

• You could buy toys for your cat. Buy multi-colored toys, stuff that will get your cats attention. Alternatively, you can make the toys yourself. Rubber toys are your best option. Avoid getting toys that your cat might swallow. Always remember to keep it safe with whatever toys you get.

• When you are leaving the house, leave the TV on. Cats love amusement. Find a nice channel probably one with cartoons. The volume on the television should be normal. You could also leave the radio on too. A talk program would just fine. The point here is to have human voices for your cat to listen to. This way, they won’t feel alone.

• You can also have boxes that your cat can play in. Cats love getting into things. Boxes are just the thing you need. Brown bags could work too. Be careful about leaving plastic bags lying around. You don’t want your cat suffocating or chewing the thing.

These are just some of the ways that you can keep your cat entertained. They will play around until they finally tire out. These are also ways you can use up excess energy in your cat. Keeping your feline busy will keep them away from bad behavior. There are also games that you can come up with for your cat. Anything you decide to do to keep your cat entertained should be safe. You may not be around to supervise your cat all the time.